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Multiple detector computed tomography or (MDCT) scanning is a rapid, painless diagnostic procedure that combines the use of computers and x-rays. A MDCT scan allows the radiologist to see the location, or abnormalities.

Multiple images are acquired in a sequence by a rotating x-ray tube. All you need to do is lie still on a table for approximately 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the area of concern being covered. The table top will move you through a gantry (shaped like a big donut) which houses the x-ray tube and a multiple set of detectors. Images are acquired by the detectors that pick up the x-ray that passes through your body. The images are then sent to the computer which reconstructs the images onto the screen for the technologist to view. The technologist will then review the quality of the images, once satisfied with the content of the exam you will be free to leave. The technologist will then process this information to create an examination that the radiologist can then review and interpret.

Some MDCT studies require an oral contrast agent to enhance the images that are taken of your body. You will recceive special instructions if your exam requires you to consume an oral contrast agent ((Redicat) in advance. Other studies may use an I.V. contrast agent (Isovue or Visipaque) to enhance the images.

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